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What Does Environmental Stewardship Mean To You?

Founded as Venus Organic Company by Dr. Scott Lingren, BCE, our focus has always been on finding the most environmentally friendly ways of controlling pests in homes and businesses. Although our services have grown, and the name changed to Venus Pest Company to reflect that, our core values have not changed. Providing the most effective pest control services while minimizing harmful effects on the environment is still at the heart of everything we do.

click to visit EPA PESP site

click to visit EPA PESP site

We have partnered with the EPA through the Pesticide Environmental Stewardship Program (PESP) to further strengthen our position as industry leaders in environmental awareness.  PESP is the Environmental Protection Agency’s lead program reaching pesticide users in every sector where we live, work, play, or farm. Their goal is to improve management of pesticide uses, to chart sustained excellence in reducing risk, to educate others, and to achieve full implementation of every aspect of Integrated Pest Management (IPM).

As part of our commitment to PESP, we are subject to auditing and accountable for measurable results for the promotion of IPM and reduced risk pesticides.  Our commitment includes:

  • Performance Tracking
    • Annual reporting
    • Must demonstrate measurable improvements
  • Education
    • Public Outreach Programs
    • IPM training and education programs
  • Responsibility
    • Aligning our communications with PESP’s message of environmental stewardship
    • Institutionalizing IPM across the organization
  • Participation
    • Demonstrating involvement PESP activities and the IPM community

Our Environmental Stewardship Activities

All our services have always been based on the principals of IPM; ourBee GreenTM service takes that one step further by using only pesticides classified by the EPA for low environmental risk. To learn more, please visit our IPM and Bee GreenTM pages.

We have also overhauled our internal and external operations to ensure our minimal daily impact on the environment. Among other things, we have implemented a new recycling program, more fuel efficient vehicles, and energy improvements to our facilities to prove our dedication and commitment to sustainability.

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