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Rodent Control

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Stay Rodent Free with our Multi-Strategy Rodent Control Program

There are very few pest problems as unsettling as infestations from mice and rats.  From hearing them scratching in your walls to seeing them scurrying across your floors, having rodents in the home is a very disconcerting feeling.  Our multi-strategy rodent control program will eliminate rats and mice from your home and give you back your peace of mind.

◊  Service begins with unlimited treatments to eliminate existing infestations and continues with biannual visits to maintain control

◊  We use indoor traps and tamper proof bait stations to maintain the safety of children, pets, and non-target wildlife

◊  Once the problem has been eliminated, we will block off all entry points to your home to prevent future invasions


climbing ratDoes it work?

“Most rodent control programs rely solely on traps or rodenticide – and that’s why most rodent control programs fail. They have temporary success but the rodents inevitably return. It’s akin to trying to empty the ocean – they just keep coming. Our program was designed with extensive field testing to be the most effective rodent control program possible – utilizing traps, bait stations, and permanent closure of any entry points to your home. And once eliminated our twice a year follow ups make sure rodents are a problem you never have to deal with again.”

Dr. Scott Lingren Board Certified Entomologist Venus Pest Company President


IMG_1396How do we do it?

Our multi-approach rodent control program begins with an intensive inspection to identify active infestations, rodent entry points, and conditions conducive to rodents.  We then use indoor traps and tamper proof outdoor bait stations to gain control.  Once we have eliminated active infestations, we block off all of your home’s entry points to keep rodents out forever – but the bait stations and traps are still maintained just in case new populations arise.