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Guest Post by our CMO: 5 Things To Remember When Starting A Blog

Up to about a year ago, I would have laughed you out the door if you said I’d be writing in blogs and participating in social media! But hey, even I can see the allure and the value it can provide to our businesses. We recently spent a lot of time and effort researching what blogging really is, why it’s useful, and the best approach for us to take for our own efforts. We learned tons of information from sites like socialsmallbiz.com, and began communicating with a few of them directly to help us get our social media strategy ironed out.

I became part of a panel of “experts” (term used loosely of course) at socialsmallbiz.com, where we discuss experiences and strategies for how to incorporate social media into our marketing plans. They liked one of my answers enough to post it as one of their guest posts regarding blogging. Check out my guest appearance, 5 Things To Remember When Starting a Blog.

Hope you like it!

Rob Jones, CMO

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