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6 Reasons You Need Pest Control in Winter

The question is often asked, why is it important to perform pest control services during winter months when the pests seem to have died off? The keyword in that phrase is “seem,” because your home is still in danger of being invaded by unwanted pests even during the coldest months of the year.

In Texas the coldest winter months are usually limited to December, January, and February. Therefore if you are signed up for quarterly pest control services, you should have one thorough winter service performed every year. Your winter service appointment should accomplish a number of important tasks.

1. Pests that live inside the walls of your home are not affected by the cold temperatures outdoors.
  • Termites, carpenter ants, cockroaches, earwigs, and many other insects can thrive indoors as the weather is always pleasant inside!
  • Attics provide harborage to other insects as well, such as wasps and spiders, as they search for place to escape the cold.
2. Rodents can find their way into your home if all entry points are not sealed off.
3. If left untreated, spider webs and egg cases can accumulate and create even more problems when they try to re-infest your home.
4. Perform a meticulous inspection of your home, inside and out, to ensure no pest related issues are present and to identify any conducive conditions that might increase risk for future pest problems.
5. Treat entry points like doors, windows, and weep holes, to provide lasting protection and ready your home for the emergence of pests in Spring.
6. Remove spider webs, egg cases, wasp nests, and dirt dauber nests to prevent any of them from reemerging when the weather warms.
Remember, for the same reasons you want to be indoors during Winter, invasive pests do too! It is important to perform a comprehensive winter pest control treatment to ensure your home is protected year-round.
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