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Who is Clement C. Mouse?

If you don’t remember the story of Clement C. Mouse, allow me to reahash it for you.

One dreary morning in Fall 2009, a shrill scream could be heard throughout a quiet neighborhood in College Station, TX. It was the scream of a frightened woman as she opened her shower curtain to find a live killer mouse staring back at her from inside her tub! A quick call to Venus Pest Company and Dr. Scott was out there with his rubber boots and haz-mat suit ready for the no-good scoundrel.

Ok, it wasn’t really a killer mouse, it was more cute than anything, but it still scared her and needed to be dealt with! It didn’t really require a haz-mat suit either for the record. Nevertheless, even though the little fella scared her half to death, she made us promise not to kill him. Why would you call a pest control company and ask them not to kill the pest? Well, it made us scratch our head too, but we aim to please. So, one mouse rescue later and Venus Pest Company now had a pet mouse.

We held a contest to name our new friend on myBCS.com and received a ton of hilarious entries for naming. See the results and some of the other names from our mouse naming contest that ran on myBCS.com. The winner was Clement C. Mouse for the obvious double entendre since we spared his life on what would have normally been his execution day. A very gloomy scenario for most rodents indeed, but not this guy, not that day!

So we thought we’d share updated pictures. Clement C. has probably tripled in size since we brought him back to the office and seems very comfortable. He loves time in his play ball so he can roll around the office, although he seems to increase his size and frequency of poops by about 600% while he’s in there. His favorite food is sunflower seeds – he’ll dig through an entire pile of other fresh food to get to those sunflower seeds. Then, top of it off with a raspberry yogurt treat!?!? Are you kidding me, a mouse at a pest control company living like…well, Dr. Scott!?

I will sign off with a request of my own; please don’t call us to come save mice from your house for purposes of keeping them around. We’ll call this a one-time special offer! That said, we are more than happy to take care of any of your mouse and rat control needs.

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