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There Once Was A Girl Named Venus

There once was a girl named Venus

Who couldn’t believe she had seen us.

She cleared her eyes and shook her head,

But sure enough, the shirt still read…


Much to our own surprise as well,

Was she serious, we could not tell?

Winking her eye, her smile was rye,

Her name could no longer be denied…


Ok, so I’m not the best poet, but it’s hard to rhyme with Venus without entering some dangerous territory!

This poem is based on a true story however, and worth mentioning. We recently attended an open house ribbon cutting ceremony for Red Mango Frozen Yogurt Red Mango Frozen Yogurt here in College Station.  Their specialty is non-fat, all natural varieties of frozen yogurt. With our own focus on healthy, green living we like to support other companies that feel the same. If you haven’t heard of Red Mango, or tried one yet, they have locations everywhere and are definitely worth checking out!

They day of the ribbon cutting, they had their founder, CFO, and other managers from different locations in to help out and join the celebration.  One of the managers in from Dallas was none other than the very lovely Venus Basaran, pictured above. When Dr. Scott and I introduced ourselves, she really did have a look of surprise on her face and finally asked if the name of our company really was Venus Pest Company. So, of course I had to confirm whether or not her name was really Venus because I’ve never met anybody named Venus before, and I thought Venus was obviously a very unique name. How many times can you say Venus in one sentence?

All I know is I’ve never met anybody named after millions of other companies, but Venus Pest Company has one…or are we named after her?  Either way, pretty cool!

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