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Venus Pest Company is great! We never have any issues, and they are great working around our 2 dogs. They have a little different philosophy then most places, with a little more focus on environmental safety. I trust Dr. Scott enough to let him have a copy of our house key.


I recommend Scott Lingren PhD at Venus Pest Company. Aggie educated and well respected and trustworthy.


VENUS is great. Scott the owner is a professional in every good sense of the word. His technicians are efficient, effective, and personable. What more could you want??!!


Another vote for Venus. We've been using Scott's services for years and have been very pleased.


Dr. Scott with Venus is great. My new house had some scorpion issues and he knocked them out on one trip. He's also great at killing wasps.


Venus has been a great service for us and we've been using them for the past several years now. We recently started using the bi-annual fire ant treatment and for us with a large yard we spend lots of time in I can honestly say that after 1-2 're-treats' we've had no fire ants and no hassles getting them to come out in between scheduled visits for any problems.


Another vote for Venus! It's so exciting to see so many use him. He started from the ground up and is obviously growing.


I'll second Venus Pest Company - We used them when we were in town too. Really liked them.


Wise choice, we have been using Dr. Scott at Venus Pest Company to treat our 2 acres for mosquitos for the past 3 years and love the results. Plus if you find mosquitos after he sprays he will come back and retreat for free...only happened 1 time, he treated right before a big rain.


After reading all the recommendations for their mosquito control and having my son eaten alive over the weekend, I gave them a call to have my yard treated. I called at 12:30pm and they were at my house at 1:45pm spraying the yard. I'm looking forward to spending this evening in my yard not getting bitten.


Venus has always done a great job for us. It's comforting to know that my wife and daughters can play in the back yard without getting West Nile. Also comforting to know they won't choke to death on some nasty chemical treatment used to keep the mosquitos away. Scott is a terrific guy. Venus is locally owned. I encourage you to give them a try.


I'm so glad I'm seeing all of these positive comments! After a billing debacle with another large pest control company here in town, I chose to switch over to Venus Pest Control. I spoke with Jennifer this afternoon who was not only sweet (and certainly didn't mind my screaming toddlers in the background!), but set up an appointment that worked perfectly with our schedule. I hope I'm even more impressed when they come out to do our risk assessment!


Scott is a great guy...He has been treating our house since it was under construction 5 years ago and we live out in the sticks near a creek. He's managed to keep our house pretty much pest free for that time and I can vouch for his mosquito spray. It is pretty amazing how well that works.


Overall, I have been very pleased with the results. I was a little skeptical at first, but it has been great. I would definitely recommend it if you like to be outside but you have mosquitoes. Thanks again to Venus for the free treatment! Check them out and give them a call.


+ 2 for the Venus mosquito treatment. I spent many afternoons/evenings outside last summer bite-free. Usually if there is a mosquito within 1,000 feet I get bit, but not with this treatment.


We also use Venus for our quarterly service plus recently signed on for the mosquito treatment. We are loving it! Highly recommend.


Wanted to give a big thanks to Venus pest control and especially Jennifer( I think it was Jennifer). She went out of her way to make a stop at my house after work to confirm carpenter ants and make an appointment date 2 days later. Very pleased with the personal attention I got and the fast service. I do a lot of my pest control myself, this was out of my league. I will recommend you guys to anyone who is looking.


Dr. Scott himself came to our house today and treated our yard for mosquitoes! He was extremely professional, friendly, and fast. Can't wait to get outside and enjoy our yard without dousing myself in bug spray!


Before we started using Venus two months ago, you couldn't walk in our backyard for more than 30 seconds without getting bit. Now, we sit outside and let the kids play for hours on end without a single bite. Our neighborhood is notorious for mosquitoes. We live only a few hundred yards north of the water treatment plant behind Home Depot.


We couldn’t be outside for more than a few minutes without being covered in bites. At first, I did not consider Venus’ mosquito treatment because of rural, wild nature of our property, but the results have been incredible… easily worth the money.


Thank you so much for helping us out with our Mosquito problem. I could hardly stand it before but you definitely took care of us.


My daughter lives with her family in Bryan and they have you spray their yard for mosquitoes. They are very pleased with the results, and I have enjoyed being outside at their house.I usually get bit when no one else has even noticed mosquitoes.


100% Satisfaction I have used Venus Pest Co. for all my properties including my personal house. We had termites in our residence and they came in a totally wiped out the issue with no problem and were very reasonable on the price. The last time I called Venus they responded to one of my rent houses that had a horrible German cockroach infestation. It took two treatments to get rid of them and they did not charge for the second treatment. Venus’s staff has always educated me on their techniques and how to prevent the problem from happening again. They are always very reasonable, trustworthy, and prompt.

Jason Bolfing of Bolfing Construction, LLC

A few years ago my husband suggested I find a Pest Company to service our home. A neighbor told me about Venus. She mentioned the BeeGreen service. I made contact with the company and decided I would give the BeeGreen a try. My wonderful service is provided by Jennifer Vaclavik. I knew I had the right company and the right service person when Jennifer left me a note with my invoice expressing her sensitivity to my gardens during a time period when my butterfly population was cycling. I know there are good bugs and bad bugs and I am very pleased with the results of the BeeGreen service for our home. Thank you Jennifer and all the support staff at Venus.

Pam Kelling

I am a Venus Pest customer. Jennifer has responded to my weekend calls, no problem.


Venus treated my yard for mosquitos and I don't think I have seen one yet.


Have used Venus for mosquito treatments for almost 8 years. If there is an especially drenching rain the effectiveness diminishes, Venus comes out for a free retreat.


Jennifer and the whole crew at Venus do great work! They are coming to perform our monthly mosquito treatment next week.


Jennifer is thorough knowledgeable ! We are happy with our service ! +1 for Jennifer and Venus.


Venus Crew is terrific, Jennifer is over the moon.

Venus has a twice a year treatment to take care of them. They also have a mosquito treatment to keep the mosquitos away for at least a month or so. I know some kids swell up pretty good from them. I think you can pay monthly for both, as well as other services. But the two together for residential service are about $50-$55. You could hire them for your property service, combine some regular treatments you may want anyway and save a little. Scott and his team will treat you right.


Lots of good choices in Aggieland. Venus Pest does a once a year preventative treatment for us. I have two dogs @ 125+ pounds, lots of wild varmits - no fleas. They also have an ongoing service for continual treatment. We've been customers for 8 years.


Venus! In fact I just had them out today! Great people, and always great results.


+1 for Venus!


Call Venus. I just got setup a month ago and will say I was impressed with the first month after they sprayed. Now it did seem like I saw a few more after those two big back to back 3-4" rains we had, but to me that was expected. They even tell you it probably cannot withstand that much rain at once. But they will come out and re-spray whenever you call.


Venus can take care of it. My experience has been that it works even with standing water in neighboring areas.


I have Venus Pest come out monthly during the warmer months (April - October) and spray for mosquitos. It's been great and we rarely see a mosquito in the yard.


+1 for Venus Pest Company


Big fan of Venus' mosquito treatment! I think we saw only a handful of mosquitos last summer (and that was toward the end of the treatment effectiveness period).


You will likely be very pleased. You will be fortunate if Jennifer is your technician. She is terrific.


“Venus Pest Control set traps and check them daily i cant remember who fixed the eaves but they were recommend by our roofer- Schulte. Venus did a great job. Very vigilant. They also sealed the entry points.”


“Scott with Venus has been great.”


Another Venus long time (8yrs) satisfied customer. Scott, owner knows his business. Ask for Jennifer for your services. She is aces.


Just want to let you know how great Venus Pest Control is and how efficient the operation is. One of the best run small businesses I have ever encountered.

Malcolm Verdict, Northgate Alumni