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Termite and Carpenter Ant Control Program

termite damage

Termites and Carpenter Ants are Your Home’s Worst Threat

Your home is one of your most cherished and significant possessions.  Unfortunately, if your home was built using any wood at all, it is a target for termite and carpenter ant colonies, which could mean severe – and very costly – damage if left untreated.  Our termite and carpenter ant control program is an affordable way to protect your home from the expensive damage these pests can cause.

◊  Service includes annual inspection and treatments to remove termite and ant colonies that are found

◊  The most cost-effective protection against wood destroying insects, which pose a high-risk in Texas and could cost you thousands in damage

◊  Combine with our quarterly Basic Pest Control program to receive treatment on the spot if your quarterly visit uncovers any new termites or carpenter ants


IMG_1487Does it work?

“My termite and carpenter ant control programs are built around the insecticide Termidor.  I believe that Termidor is the most effective insecticide for use against social insects like ants and termites.  It is more effective than either chlordane or DDT – and it is much safer and environmentally friendly.   Using Termidor is a win-win.”

Dr. Scott Lingren Board Certified Entomologist Venus Pest Company President



IMG_1435How do we do it?

For most of our termite and carpenter ant work, we use a product called Termidor.  It is a slow acting non-repellent insecticide.  That means that termites and ants don’t avoid it and survive long enough to carry it back to the colony, resulting in the death of the colony.  This allows us to focus our programs around spot treatment, which is more cost efficient and further reduces the environmental effects.  The result is faster treatments that cost you less.