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Summertime Saviors

The other day a client of ours told me we were their “Summertime Saviors.” You see, they have a beautiful backyard with huge trees and lots of landscaping, it really is very aesthetically pleasing and relaxing to be back there. That is, of course, until the mosquitoes took over!

Often times we have to take the bad with the good in a lot of different situations, it is no different with beautiful landscaping. Although it looks great and offers shade for you and your family, it also offers harborage to a variety of pests, in particular mosquitoes. Thick ground coverage, decks, tree canopies, shrubs; all of these can offer great cover and breeding grounds for mosquitoes, especially if there is ever any standing water around there.
This particular yard had just been overrun by mosquitoes such that they could not enjoy sitting outside or playing with the kids, even with tons of bug spray on. They tried everything from yard “bombers” and foggers, to bug zappers, CO2 traps, and lots of spraying the kids. That’s when a friend of theirs told them to call Venus Pest Company for theirmosquito control problems.
You can fill in the blanks on the rest to get us back to the original point…she said we were their Summertime Saviors. No more mosquitoes in their yard means they have the ability to enjoy themselves again. Venus Pest Company offers guaranteed mosquito control programs; we can be your Summertime Saviors too!
That also got me to thinking…what are some other Summertime Saviors?
  • Swimming Pools
  • Beer
  • Baseball Season
  • Hot Dogs & Hamburgers
  • Jetskis
  • Fishing
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