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Basic Pest Control Program

Basic Pest Control is our most popular service. It not only includes 4 scheduled visits per year (quarterly), but also unlimited complimentary retreats for covered pests. The pests covered include: Ants (not Carpenter), Fire Ants (Perimeter), Cockroaches, Spiders, Scorpions, Silverfish, Centipedes, Millipedes, Paper Wasps, Pillbugs, Earwigs, Crickets, and Springtails.

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Mosquito Control Program

What's the point of having a backyard if you can't use it? This amazing service includes at least 7 backyard mosquito treatments. We usually start in April and go to October, but occasionally have to treat in March and November as well. It all depends on the weather. We guarantee an 85-90% reduction in mosquito bites for 3 weeks or we will re-treat for free!

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Termite and Carpenter Ant Control Program

Texas is in the high risk area for termites and experts recommend Annual Wood Destroying Insect inspections. Luckily, we offer affordable and effective treatment options for both termites and carpenter ants. If worry over termites or carpenter ants is keeping you up at night, click below to give yourself one less thing to worry about!

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Fire Ant Control Program

In Texas, this service is a necessity. The service includes 2 whole yard fire ant treatments per year. It also includes unlimited spot treatments by request between regular treatments. The first treatment is typically in April and the second treatment comes in October

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Rodent Control Program

This package includes as many visits as needed to gain control of rats and mice plus 2 visits per year to maintain control. We use trapping, baiting, and exclusion to control existing rat and mouse infestations and to prevent future infestations.

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Flea and Tick Control Program

The flea preventative you put on your pet is only part of the solution. Fleas and ticks also need to be controlled in your pet's environment to really prevent an infestation. This program includes 2 outdoor flea preventative applications each year. If you still manage to end up with fleas or ticks, we will re-treat outside and treat inside for no additional charge!

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Aphid, Chinch Bug and Grub Control Program

These are the three main insect pests people are concerned with in their yards in Texas. This program was designed with 2 applications per year aimed at preventing problems with these pests. As a bonus, this program will also take care of those pesky webworms!

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Green Option

The green option means we will only use environmentally friendly products and methods unless directed otherwise by you. Green option is available only with Basic Pest and Termite Packages. There aren't any effective Green products for Mosquitoes, yet. We use bait for Fire Ant control, so it's Green already!

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One Time Services

Pests are constantly reproducing and re-invading. That's why regular pest control maintenance works the best. However, we do understand some clients only want one-time treatments. It costs a little more, but we can offer one time treatments for any of our pest control programs as well as some others like bed bug control and wildlife control.

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Commercial Services

In addition to taking care of your home, we can take care of your business too. Our goal with commercial pest control is to make sure your clients and employees feel safe with what we are doing and that our work and appearance exceeds expectations.

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Rental Property Services

We offer competitively priced pest control services for rent houses, duplexes and fourplexes. The frequency of service is up to the landlord, but we have had the best results with 2 services per year.

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