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Mosquito Control


Reclaim Your Backyard with Our Mosquito Control Program

Mosquitoes are more than just annoyances to your next backyard BBQ.  They can carry serious diseases such as the West Nile Virus.  If left untreated, they can run rampant in your yard and turn every bit of time you spend enjoying the outdoors into a bite-ridden naissance.  Our mosquito service will end your mosquito woes and allow you to enjoy your yard again.

◊  Provided once each month during the months of April through October

◊  Guaranteed 85-90% reduction in mosquito bites for 3 weeks after each treatment

◊  No need for bugs sprays and candles


backyard barbecueDoes it work?

“Before we started using Venus two months ago, you couldn’t walk in our backyard for more than 30 seconds without getting bit. Now, we sit outside and let the kids play for hours on end without a single bite.”

FCAG – MyBCS.com user

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oie_19201131pdCD09tCHow do we do it?

We use a gas-powered backpack mist blower to apply insecticide to mosquito resting areas in your yard such as fences, foliage, walls and eaves.   Our mist blower allows us to get the coverage we need to gain control with around 4 gallons of finished spray for most yards.  The pyrethroid insecticide we use is based on naturally occurring pyrethrins and is incredibly effective at killing and repeling mosquitoes.  To “rain-guard” our application we also add a surfactant that protects the application from the rain so that you can still rely on its efficacy even if it has rained since your last treatment.