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Fire Ant Control

fire ant

Venus Pest will Put the Burn on Fire Ants in Your Yard

If you have fire ants on your property, you and your children will learn very quickly that the painful stings from these insects can quickly ruin a day outside.   And unfortunately, these ants are incredibly common in Texas.  But you don’t have to worry about getting stung the next time you are in the yard – our fire ant control program will reduce the number of fire ants on your property by more than 90% – guaranteed.

◊  Service includes biannual treatments one in the spring treatment and one in the fall – with additional spot treatments as needed during the summer

◊  Your yard will be recolonized by harmless, native ants – which will prevent fire ants from returning

◊  Our method kills the entire colony with an absolute minimal amount of insecticide – less than one ounce per acre


backyard barbecueDoes it work?

“We recently started using the bi-annual fire ant treatment and with a large yard we spend lots of time in I can honestly say that after 1-2 ‘re-treats’ we’ve had no fire ants and no hassles getting them to come out in between scheduled visits.”

RJP – MyBCS.com user

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fire ant baitHow do we do it?

Our primary method of controlling fire ants is a naturally occurring – and very powerful –  insecticide called abamectin, which we use as part of a very effective fire ant bait.  Fire ants LOVE our bait and once applied it will kill the entire colony, including the queen.  This method also allows us to reduce the cost of our service by using the absolute minimal amount of insecticide possible.  In fact, our bait reduces insecticide use by 90% – we only use one ounce of abamectin per acre.