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Do I need to re-schedule because of rain or other inclement weather?

No. The technicians and office staff watch the weather closely to be sure we can make an effective treatment and will contact you if there is a need to reschedule. We have designed a special “rainy day” service where we make granular applications and achieve the same great results. In heavy rain, we may treat indoors and covered areas only at the time of the appointment and return at a later, drier date and time to treat the outside.

Do I have to put up my pets?

Bird cages, fish tanks, and reptile terrariums should be covered. Other pets can be left out as long as they are calm and stay out of the way. We do ask that overly curious or territorial pets be kenneled while we perform the service. It also helps to pick up any pet toys, dishes, or bowls that might be laying around so that we do not have to move them while trying to perform a treatment.

Do I have to leave for the service?

Only for indoor flea treatments or bed bug treatments. For all other services, we only require that pets and people stay off of treated areas until the application is dry. That’s usually not longer than 20 minutes, or you can just wear shoes if you must go outdoors immediately.

Will you need to go inside?

We go inside during the IPM Risk Assessment, Initial Pest Control service, and Termite Inspections, but it is not necessary for mosquito control or basic pest control. Many of our clients prefer the convenience of outside only service and don’t see any difference in results. If we do need to go inside for any reason, you can leave us a key, garage code, or meet us there. Typically indoor treatments take no longer than 10 minutes, so you can be on your way quickly if you need to be somewhere else.

Do I have to be home for a scheduled service?

You do not need to be home for most of our services. Our experience has shown that outdoor treatments solve most pest problems. In fact, most of our time and materials are spent outdoors anyway, whether you are home or not. Every basic pest service comes with a warranty that includes the inside of your home. So if you do experience pest problems inside, or simply request indoor service, we are happy to do so at no additional charge. Mosquito Services are outdoors only and do not require your presence.  We do ask that you be home for initial services, so we can meet you.  Other than that, only annual Termite Assessments require your Route Manager to go inside.

Is there anything I need to do to prepare for service?

For exterior treatments, you should trim grass and weeds, make sure gates are unlocked, and remove children’s toys, pet toys, pet food and water bowls from the areas to be treated. It also helps to clear clutter from the walls and around doors and windows for interior treatments.

Skipping a treatment is no big deal since you do the same thing each quarter, right?

Actually, our quarterly services are designed to match up with the different environmental conditions and pest pressures that we experience during each of the four seasons. Skipping a service means you will not get the full effectiveness of the quarterly service throughout the year. For example, our Winter service (December, January, February) includes destroying overwintering dirt daubers in their nests and removing spider webs and other wasps nests, while our Spring service (February, March, April) includes application of an insect growth regulator that interrupts insect development around the perimeter of your home for up to 9 months. Summer and Fall services target pests that are most active at those times. Scorpions, for example are most active in the summer, while crickets are most active in the fall.

How can I pay for the service?

We take just about any method of payment available. We accept all major credit and debit cards, including American Express, direct draft from your bank, and of course cash or checks are always welcome. We also have a convenient payment portal on our website if you prefer to pay online, just ask us to activate your account for you.

After my initial service, how do I know when you are coming for the next service?

For recurring services, we automatically schedule your next appointment based on your requests and at a time when we have other clients close to you to service. This allows us to keep our fuel costs and travel times at a reasonable level and save you money. We have only raised prices once in 10 years! You will be notified of your next automatically scheduled service by email about 1 week before the service. Please add [email protected] to your list of contacts to ensure you receive your reminders as they sometimes get passed to junk folders through certain providers. You also receive an automated phone call 1 to 2 days before the service.   If the time of your automatically scheduled appointment is inconvenient, you may reschedule for another time by requesting a change at least 24 hrs in advance.

When should I see results after a treatment?

That depends on the pest and the type of treatment. For most pest problems results should be evident almost immediately and complete within 7 to 10 days. For mosquitoes, the result will be complete within a few hours. For fleas, the initial result will be immediate, but some additional maintenance is required to ensure there is no resurgence later, but we leave you with all the information and tools required to prevent this.

How long does a scheduled service take?

You can expect most of our services to take 30 to 45 minutes, depending on the size of your house. Mosquito control services go a little faster, usually 20 to 30 minutes. Re-treatments also take 20 to 30 minutes since they are mostly focused on a specific pest.

Do you offer green services?

Yes, that is at the heart of everything we do! We were founded as Venus Organic Company where all we offered were true organic services. While our offerings have expanded over the years and the name changed to Venus Pest Company to reflect that, our Bee Green service is still our most popular and sought after service. Our Bee Green service takes IPM to another level by combining advanced exclusion tactics and cutting-edge, reduced risk pesticides to minimize any harmful effects on the environment.

What is IPM - Integrated Pest Management?

The textbook definition of Integrated Pest Management states that it is a pest control strategy that relies on accurate identification and scientific knowledge of target pests, reliable monitoring to assess pest presence, and preventative measures (including judicious pesticide use) to correct pest problems. We have a blog post on our website that has a lot more information on Integrated Pest Management. We take a scientific approach to everything we do making every attempt to reduce our reliance on pesticides.