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Elf caught trying to peak at presents!

I had to share this hilarious picture with ya’ll.  Of course, everyone knows that the Elf on a Shelf has no magic if you don’t have any kids in the house, so the adults there get to display the poor Elf all kinds of ridiculous ways. I found this surprise when I was finishing up a rodent job for some new clients in College Station.  The clients are a recently married couple without children.  They love being festive during the season and had all kinds of really fun decorations up in their brand new College Station house.  When I was putting out traps for the job, the Elf had a tiny 6 shooter and was posted up by a sign that said “shhhhh, I’m mouse hunting.”  That was pretty funny, but I didn’t think to get a picture.  The Elf was not captured in one of Venus Pest Company’s traps, so I didn’t have to feel bad.  We use fancy SnapE traps that are a lot easier to set.  Unfortunately, I solved the mouse problem in just one night so didn’t get to see any more crazy Elf poses.

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