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Conducive Conditions: Wood To Soil Contact

Conducive Condition: Wood to Soil Contact




Wood from the structure is touching the soil surface.  Wood that’s not part of the structure is touching both the structure and the soil surface (wood or lumber pile, for example)

Why it’s a problem

Termites live in the soil and have to maintain contact with the soil to have enough moisture to survive.  When infesting a house, they must build a mud shelter tube over concrete foundation to get to the wood inside the house. This mud tube is easy to find during inspections, so they can’t do much damage before being discovered.  If wood from the house is actually touching the ground, they can enter the house without building a mud tube and will go undetected until damage is noticeable inside.  The same thing can happen when wood is stacked against the house.

What to do about it

Use a hoe or shovel to move soil away from the structure.  Consult a landscaper if this might create drainage problems.  Keep lumber or wood piles at least 12 inches away from the house.

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