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Conducive Conditions: Planter Box Abutting Structure

Conducive Condition: Planter Box Abutting Structure


Termites, Other Insects


Planter boxes containing soil that are attached to the house or constructed against the house.

Why it’s a problem

Termites must maintain contact with the soil to survive.  This does not mean that it has to be the earth itself they are in contact with.  Even small containers of soil can easily maintain a termite colony.  Large containers like planter boxes can maintain large termite colonies that can damage your house.  Termites in planter boxes against a house can enter undecteced and won’t be discovered until there is damage inside the house.  For other insects, these boxes provide shelter and a high moisture environment against the house.  High moisture environments are ideal for Termites and other Insects.

What to do about it

Move planter boxes that arent attached to the house at least 12 inches away from the house.  For planter boxes attached to the house, there are a couple of choices.  You can demolish the box or remove all the soil from the box.  The soil can be replaced by potted plants so the area can still be inspected but not be an eyesore.

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