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Conducive Conditions: Moisture Damaged or Damp Wood

Conducive Condition: Moisture Damaged or Damp Wood


Termites, Carpenter Ants, Other Ants


Wood on the interior or exterior of the house that has become water damaged and rotted.  

Why it’s a problem

Termites can prefer damp, rotting wood over sound wood and can detect changes in moisture through the soil profile.  Carpenter ants, as well as many other ants prefer moisture damaged wood over sound wood for nesting.  While carpenter ants and other ants don’t eat wood, they do nest in wood.  Moisture damaged wood is easier for them to use for nest building and maintains the type of moist environment they prefer.

What to do about it

Replace any rotted wood on the exterior of your house.  Use gutters to prevent moisture building up against your house.  Make sure sprinklers aren’t spraying directly onto your house.  Fix any plumbing leaks inside or outside and roof leaks as soon as they are discovered.

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