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Conducive Conditions: Heavy Foliage

Conducive Condition: Heavy Foliage


Termites, Carpenter Ants, Mosquitoes, Rodents, Snakes Most Other Pests


Heavy foliage refers to limbs or foliage touching or growing against the house, dense plantings in the yard, or overgrown turf.

Why it’s a problem

There are a number of pests, including carpenter ants, that normally live in trees or shrubs and will use foliage as a bridge to infest your house.  Heavy foliage near the house also restricts airflow, which results in higher moisture near your house.  Most insects, including Termites, love high moisture environments and will thrive where dense foliage is touching your house.  Heavy foliage decreases efficacy of pest control treatments, because the foliage reduces the amount of the treatment that can get to the structure.  Very dense foliage near your house or in your yard makes great shelter for pests like Rodents, Snakes and Mosquitoes to live.

What to do about it

Maintain all foliage at least 12 inches away from the structure.  Make sure to maintain your turf with regular mowing.  Maintain any plantings so they don’t become so dense that you can’t see the soil surface.  Trimming out underbrush is also helpful.

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