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Commercial Pest Control

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We treat your business like our own.

We understand that you do your best to look good in front of your clients and we think your pest control company should help make you look good.  You can expect our trucks to be clean and well marked and our technicians to be clean and courteous.  From restaurants to office buildings to retail we have custom designed pest control programs to match your needs exactly.

◊  Clean, courteous and dependable technicians ◊  Entomologist designed pest control programs ◊  Guaranteed results

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u titleDoes it work?

“Being a small business owner for more than 10 years and having worked for the largest ag chemical company in the world and the largest insect trap and pheromone company in the world, I really feel like I understand what businesses want from us.  It’s not just effective pest control, but we also have to treat our clients’ employees and their clients as if they were our own.”

– Dr. Scott Lingren, President and Entomologist

carinosHow do we do it?

We have developed specific protocols and treatment frequencies for each specific type of business: restaurants, warehouses, hotels, office buildings, retail, and medical.   These details are based on the the type of pest pressure typical for the industry as well as the amount of in and out traffic.  For example, we treat restaurants monthly targeting ants and cockroaches, while office buildings are usually treated quarterly targeting insects like spiders and crickets.  We further customize these general protocols for each individual business and communicate constantly with the manager or owner to make sure we are doing what is needed.