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Chinch Bug, Aphid and Grub Control

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Don’t Let This Triple Threat Wreck Your Landscaping This Year!

Aphids, Chinch Bugs, and Grubs are the top three lawn and ornamental pests that we encounter in Texas. They can devastate a home’s lawn, trees, and shrubs if they are allowed to proliferate. You’ve put great care into creating a beautiful, healthy landscape for your home – let us protect it with this triple-threat eliminating program!

◊  Service includes two visits per year; covering aphids in your trees and shrubs and grubs and chinch bugs in your lawn

◊  First we will treat your trees and shrubs in May, when aphid pressure is at its highest.  Then we will target grub worms and chinch bugs in your turf in July

◊  Timed treatments reduce insecticide use and maximize effectiveness

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chinch bug damageDoes it work?

“Instead of treating these problems after the damage has been done, we designed a preventative program that takes advantage of the pests’ biology and lifecycle and adds knowledge gained from historical data trends in Texas to properly time our treatments to kill these insects before they ever become an issue. The result is an incredibly effective strategy that reduces insecticide use and saves your precious landscaping from being damaged by these bugs.”

Dr. Scott Lingren Board Certified Entomologist Venus Pest Company President

grubHow do we do it?

As with some of our other services, we use backpack mist blowers to make effective applications with less insecticide.  Our first treatment occurs in the aphid-rich month of May and uses the most effective aphidicide on the market, imidicloprid, to keep your trees and shrubs safe from aphids.  Our second treatment targets grub worms and chinch bugs in your lawn with a combination insecticide of both imidicloprid and pyrethroid that produces very rapid results.  Because they are timed based on the insects’ lifecycles these two treatments will protect your landscaping all year long.