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Bed Bugs: Don’t Do It Yourself!

In a past blog post, Don’t Do It Yourself: 8 Jobs You Should Leave to the Pros, we highlighted an article discussing some jobs around your home that were suggested you leave to the professionals.  On the list were things like electrical work, tree removal, and most importantly for our purposes here…pest control.

The reason we’re bringing up pest control again in this manner is because of an article that a customer sent me regarding folks that are taking bed bug control in their own hands. A report by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention found many illnesses and even one death, caused by the misuse of chemicals, or applying the wrong product while trying to eliminate a beg bug infestation. The one death was caused in North Carolina where a lady used 18 chemical foggers in her home.  For the record, we would never use one of these foggers in your home, not even one, not to mention 18.

What Are The Dangers?

Luckily, the numbers of ill people are still low at this point, but the CDC is urging people to contact a professional if they come across bed bugs in their home.  Mostly due to the misuse, or over application of products, it is highly recommended you contact a professional that is trained to not only handle certain materials, but also is well versed on the application methods that will lead to a successful eradication of your bed bugs, without negatively affecting anything else. Bed bugs have become resistant to pyrethroid insecticides, which are the most common insecticides sold over the counter and in foggers   Also, bed bugs are fond of hiding in hard to reach places like box springs, behind cabinets, picture frames, window blinds, and switch covers. What that means is that successful treatments must be very thorough and use the right products in the right places. Successful treatments also require certain sanitation steps be taken by the homeowner to avoid re-infestation.

What Can We Do?

Unfortunately, bed bug calls are still on the rise nationwide, with the epicenter seemingly being in the northeast as New York and Ohio have been hit particularly hard.  However, with our transient society, these pests are surfacing everywhere across the globe, including here in all of our home markets. Please be extremely careful when handling any pesticides, and make sure you are using them properly and according the labels.If you suspect bed bugs, call Venus Pest Company. Often you’ll even save money in the long-run because one call to Venus and your problem will be taken care of. Because of our vast experience treating bedbugs, we know what to use, where to use it, and how to advise you against reinfestation. Do-it-yourselfers will often find themselves fighting a losing battle for months with over-the-counter products and eventually have to call a pest management company anyway.

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