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Amazing Fall Weather and… More Mosquitoes. Why???

One of the great things about living in Texas is the amazing month of October.  The weather is almost always perfect and ideal for being outside. We are all welcoming Fall and a reprise from the heat!  If it’s finally getting cooler, then why have we seen such a big spike in mosquito calls the last couple weeks?

A published research study two common mosquito species shows that ideal development for them occurs between 68F to 81F.  At these temperatures, around 90% of eggs tested made it to the adult stage.  At 59F, less than 40% survived to adulthood.  This is called the lower developmental threshold.  At 93F, less than 60% survived to adulthood.  This is called the upper developmental threshold.  We don’t really get completely out of their prime development temperature range until mid-November, when the highs tend to stay below 70F.

The other amazing month in Texas is April.  That is precisely why our mosquito control program starts in April and ends in October.  We even get requests to treat all the way into December during warmer years.

Link to research paper: http://etd.lib.ncsu.edu/publications/bitstream/1840.2/2195/1/167+Rueda+Patel+Axtell+Stinner+1990.pdf

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