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All We Are Saying Is Give Bees A Chance, Pt. 2

Earlier this year we wrote about foraging bees in the Spring. Each year as plants and flowers begin to bloom, there is always an increase in foraging bee activity as they gather pollen. Oddly enough, the same thing happens in the Fall as we typically see an increase in foraging bees. Why does this happen in the Fall?

Here’s a message from Dr. Scott explaining why and what you should do if you see a lot of bees around your home or business.

This time of year, the nectar sources for honeybees are rapidly vanishing as plants prepare for winter. If you have a plant that is flowering right now, it is probably covered up with honeybees. Also, outdoor parties featuring a lot of sugary drinks may be plagued with bees trying to steal some coca cola or margarita. These bees can be a nuisance, but are not aggressive. You really have to mess with them to get a sting and they won’t attack you as a group. There is no way to control foraging bees. The bees you see may be originating from several colonies as far as 2 or 3 miles away.

Remember bees are essential to life on this planet. From the honeybeeproject.com, it is estimated that thirty-three percent of everything that reaches the American table owes a debt to the honeybee. Over 90 fruits and vegetables including apples, melons, nut crops, cherries, berries, avocados plus alfalfa and clover seed for cattle feed are dependent upon honeybee pollination.

The best thing you can do is to just be careful. Pay attention to your drinks so you don’t swallow a bee. That’s not fun. Also be aware of the bees you see flying around. Try not to squish one or you might get a sting.

It’s a good time to teach your kids about bees and what good they do. The kids will be mesmerized with the large number of bees and you can get really close to them without danger. Teach them that bees can be dangerous when defending their hive. The best thing to do if ever attacked by bees is to cover your face with your hands, run away, and get inside. Jumping in water does not work. You are better off to just keep running further away.

While they are busy pollinating these fall blooming plants, let’s thank the little bees for their hard work and let them be bees!

So, from us here at Venus Pest Company, thanks!

Dr. Scott Lingren, BCE

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