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7 Things You Should Expect From A Pest Control Service For Your Business.

Partnering with a professional pest control company is a critical decision business owners and managers all face. For any business that regular interacts with customers inside a physical establishment, it is extremely important to present and maintain a clean environment, especially in regards to unwanted pests. Making mistakes in commercial pest control can result huge amounts of lost business. For example, local media outlets love to report on findings of rodents or insects in restaurants.

Commercial pest control services make up about 25% of an average pest control company’s business. Although Texas does not require a separate certification, performing commercial pest control presents many different challenges than residential pest control.  Responsible business owners and managers must ensure they are partnering with the right professional.  Below is a checklist of important qualities to consider when selecting a pest control service for your business. This list is compiled from our experiences in commercial pest control over the years and Dr. Scott’s prior experience with Trece Inc, a supplier to the pest control industry.
1. Service Guarantee – A commercial pest control company should clearly outline which pests will be controlled with their regular service in their service agreement, and highlight those that will require additional services.  They should also be able to provide you with a price list for controlling pests that are not covered with their regular service, so you won’t be surprised later.  You should make sure that any service fees for call back appointments are clearly defined and have an understanding of their service guarantees.
2. Communication – Communication between your pest control company and your staff is essential for effective service. A pest log book is a good tool to keep so you can effectively communicate pest problems to your technician and track what control actions have been taken. Also, you should expect your pest control technician to check in with the manager of your facility before and after each service.
3. Security – All technicians should wear recognizable uniforms so you know they work for your pest control company and are present on official business. The company may also provide you with pictures of their staff in a log book and require them to wear identification badges. Finally, pest control companies should be expected to perform background checks on their technicians, so you can feel comfortable with them in your facility.
4. Knowledgeable – A reliable pest control company should have strong internal training and evaluation procedures in place.  The state of Texas only requires a score of 70 on their certification tests for pest control applicators. Partnering with a company that has more extensive internal training and evaluation programs will provide the best prepared and most knowledgeable technicians to protect your business from pest problems.
5. Dependable – As in residential pest control, you must be able to depend on your pest control company to be dependable.  Basically, show up on the correct day, at the correct time, and get the job done right. This is even more critical in commercial situations where applications often need to be completed before food prep starts or customers begin to arrive.
6. Courteous – Every technician should be courteous to managers, employees, and any customers they may encounter. Top technicians always do their best to not interrupt any business taking place including employees trying to work, staying invisible to your customers, and being sensitive to any concerns about pesticide exposure.

7. Clean – Although pest control work is very demanding, technicians in commercial environments should maintain a clean professional appearance. While working at your business, they are essentially a representative of your business.  In addition to a neat appearance, they should complete their work in clean and safe manner that does not create a new mess for you to clean up.Remembering these important guidelines will help you choose the right company to partner with for your business.  Maintaining a clean, pest-free environment where you work is valuable for your employees, your customers, and you!  Find out more about commercial pest control services here.

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